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Effectiveness and Efficiency of Glue Application with Sempre


In industries, efficiency and effectiveness in production process is necessary. It is necessary to maintain the pace and it will be better when the processes can be conducted quickly. By doing so, greater numbers of products can be obtained, and it saves time. However, it may not be easy to gain. Speed can be optimized, but sometimes the results can be lack of details. This can happen in industries that use glues or adhesive. The adhesive application needs precision, and it makes the process slower, especially in the manual application. Thus, Robatech brings better system of glue application called Sempre. Sempre is abbreviation of Speed, Electro, Mini, and Precise.

Fast Speed of Glue Application

The goal of Sempre from Robatech is to provide higher productivity in the industry. It can be achieved by using the technology of Sempre. As the abbreviation shows, speed becomes one of its important elements. By the help of its technology and design of its nozzle and other parts, it can maintain speed of machine so it will be faster than manual application of glue and adhesive. Even, operator can adjust the output easily. It is suitable to create dot, bead, and even continuous gluing application. Things can be adjusted very easily, and it still can provide high precision because it is helped by its system.

Easy Maintenance and High Durability

Sempre is quite easy to use. With its simple operation, operator only needs to set or adjust how the machine should work and later they only need to monitor the work and result of its glue application. Its speed and precision is totally awesome. In addition, Robatech provides easy maintenance for the Sempre. It does not need complicated treatment. Even, its nozzle is very easy to clean, and it has its own system to prevent the glues to dry and block the way of the glue during the application. Next, it has high durability so it can be expected that the machine can work for some years.