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How to Choose the Best Crypto Trading App


When choosing a crypto app, you’ll want one that includes a price alert feature and a tracker. Despite the name, not all crypto apps are compatible with all phones or accept installations. Before funding any account, test it out and make sure it works properly. It is also helpful to choose a user-friendly app, as not all apps have the same interface. Here’s how to choose the best crypto app.

Binance. The most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance offers the best rates and an easy-to-use interface. It recently partnered with a third-party company called Simplex, enabling premium purchases of certain cryptocurrencies. Founded in the year 2018, Binance allows crypto enthusiasts to purchase, sell, and trade. In addition to its price-tracking features, it also offers the ability to buy, sell, and transfer fiat.

eToro. This app has good technical charting capabilities, but lacks the advanced tools of other exchange apps. It also doesn’t support eToro’s crypto order book, but you can use more than 100 technical studies. Another plus: It supports full-screen charts on mobile. Users can customize study parameters and see the price trend at a glance. If you are looking for a more traditional trading experience, the eToro app is probably your best choice.

Plus 500. This app is widely known for offering a demo version of cryptocurrencies, along with excellent customer support. For those who want more advanced tools, try Coinbase Pro. Another popular crypto app is Wirex. Users can spend over 150 currencies with Wirex, while earning up to 1.5% in Bitcoin from purchases made in stores. This app also offers heavily discounted transaction fees. So, if you’re interested in investing in crypto, you should try out these apps.

eToro. This app lets you automatically copy the trades of other users. It has a clear interface, allows you to track your portfolio and is a great place to take a loan. The best part? It’s free to use for trading, and you can even get a Nexo card to spend crypto. But, you’ll need to complete the usual KYC process. You’ll need to upload IDs and face verification. This app can make it easier for newbies to invest in crypto.

Security is another important factor. You need to ensure the safety of your cryptocurrency funds by choosing a secure exchange. Choose an exchange that provides two-factor authentication and back-end encryption. Ideally, the best cryptocurrency app also offers mobile-friendly payment options. Some crypto apps will charge higher fees for instant payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, or e-wallets. While some crypto exchanges are better than others, they’re not 100% secure.

eToro offers a cheap, safe, and convenient way to purchase cryptocurrency. Several prominent projects have been born in the past couple of years, and there are already several useful cryptocurrency applications. But there’s one crypto app that stands out above the rest: eToro. This app offers access to dozens of markets, from large-cap tokens to small projects. You can easily track all of your investments with eToro.