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How to Use Crypto Chart Patterns to Your Advantage in Day Trading


You can learn how to use crypto chart patterns to your advantage by observing how the price of a cryptocurrency behaves. The crypto market is constantly oscillating, so the prices of some currencies will go up and down for a period of time. Support and resistance levels are areas where prices pullback or bounce off downward movements. As prices return to the same levels repeatedly, the resistance or support level becomes stronger. When prices break out of a resistance or support zone, they will find the next level of support.

A common cryptocurrency chart pattern is the ‘head and shoulders’ pattern. This pattern is a classic example of a bearish trend turning into an uptrend. It is characterized by a series of peaks and valleys next to each other. The second peak or valley appears overshadowing its two neighbours. This pattern can be bullish or bearish and can signal a short-term upswing in the price of a particular crypto.

Crypto chart patterns are often accompanied by technical indicators such as candlesticks, which are useful for finding shorting targets or buying opportunities. Candlesticks and MACD can provide an added layer of information about the market, and can help you make money on the crypto market. As you can see, there are no single indicator or trading strategy that is 100% accurate. If you want to learn more about the various crypto chart patterns, try downloading the GoodCrypto app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Crypto chart patterns can be valuable tools in the trading market, and they can help you make sense of the wild fluctuations in crypto prices. These patterns are a set of recurring shapes that are formed when connecting highs and lows. Most of the time, they appear at key levels of resistance and support. If they occur, a new trend is likely to begin. For example, a continuation pattern signals that price will continue in the same direction, whereas an abbreviated version is a reversal pattern.

Cup and handle patterns are another common crypto chart pattern. They form when prices correct a portion of their previous uptrend and rebound toward the high of the handle. A breakout of this pattern signals a new high. William O’Neil popularized this chart pattern in his 1988 book “Current Price Trends” and it is now appearing in the crypto market. This pattern is particularly valuable if the market is trending upward and is characterized by high volatility and a high amount of buyers and sellers.

The ABCD pattern is another pattern that captures typical market rhythms. It works on varying timeframes and can occur during uptrends or downtrends. It belongs to the group of harmonic patterns, and consists of two equivalent price legs. Traders use these patterns to identify bullish reversal trends. The butterfly pattern helps traders to identify the end of a trend and enter the market at the reversal point.