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Struggling with Storage? Here’s How to Clean your PC in 2022


We all know the struggles of never having enough storage. Fortunately, at least when it comes to your PC, there are many ways of cleaning it up and removing any unnecessary files, cache, or data stored on your computer. The number one thing to consider when doing this is your scratch disk. Your scratch disk is the part of your PC that holds all of the user’s temporary data and is also known as a hard drive. There are many built-in tools and external tools that can help you clean your PC. Outbyte is a tool created to fix system issues on your computer, with the main focus being to provide a safe, secure, and straightforward software solution. Moreover, Outbyte allows you to clean and maintain your PC system in a way that is guaranteed to be effective. When choosing which applications to trust in cleaning your PC, you must have a little marketing education and research everything to know you can charge the tool or application.

Run some antivirus software

One of the most common reasons your computer might be slow, and lagging is. Therefore, running your antivirus software is an effective way to clean your PC. Different antivirus software will have other options, but select one that says, “deep scan” or “full scan.” These scans take quite a while to complete, but it guarantees nothing will go unnoticed, and you know about viruses.

It’s time to clear the cache

All PCs tend always to be full of cache. The cache is a temporary file your PC stores just in case you need it again sometime in the future. The only issue with this is that often you’re left with so many files taking up space on your hard drive, and you’re never going to use them again. Usually, many applications will have a setting to clear all of their caches; make sure you don’t remove anything you may need in the future. However, there are also applications that you can download to clear all the cache on your PC for you, which often takes a bit faster. Therefore, removing all of your caches will clean up your PC and improve its performance.

Clean your disk space

Often a disk clean-up is all you need to get your PC working faster and provide you with more storage. Most PCs offer a disk cleaning tool that forms part of your computer’s operating system. These cleaning tools have proven to be very efficient and effective at improving the performance of computers by cleaning and removing any unnecessary files being stored on your PC. If your PC doesn’t have this built-in tool, then there are many apps that you can choose from to download and clean your computer for you. Once the disk cleaning is complete, you can often delete the files that your PC or the app finds.

Change your scratch disk

If you’ve tried all of the previously mentioned methods but are still struggling with storage and your PC’s performance, then an alternative option is to change your scratch disk. It’s as easy as choosing a different scratch disk with more space. Or you can even opt for an SSD that can offer you more storage.